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Robert F. Kennedy supporters a different kind of Democrat

This Kennedy has never appeared on a Massachusetts ballot, nor does he call the state home, but Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chose to make his announcement for president in the state where the Kennedys became a political dynasty.  And “Why not?” asked former Democratic political consultant Tobe Berkovitz. “With older voters that name still has a certain caché,” said Berkovitz, […]

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Gov. Maura Healey plays it ‘both ways’ when it comes to transparency on public records, advocates say

More transparency “than ever before” was the promise Gov. Maura Healey made to voters when it came to the issue of public records. The Cambridge Democrat vowed she would break precedent with governors past, who for decades have claimed a blanket exemption from public records law based on a 1997 Supreme Judicial Court decision, shrouding their administrations in […]

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Digital right-to-repair bill for cellphones, laptops could save consumers, Massachusetts schools millions

Planned obsolescence in electronics like cell phones and laptops is more than just a headache for consumers: it’s a “triple-whammy of bad news” that’s costing taxpayers millions, packing landfills and protecting companies from corporate responsibility, says MassPIRG Executive Director Janet Domenitz. The average iPhone lasts three to five years before trade-in, according to Apple. For Chromebooks, Google […]

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Massachusetts lawmakers to race in Boston Marathon, mark 10th anniversary of bombings

Along the Boston Marathon race route, yellow daffodils and “Boston Strong” banners pay solemn tribute to victims and survivors of the 2013 Marathon bombings and encourage racers and onlookers to keep their memories alive. This year, especially, runners will be carrying that tribute with them as they cross the finish line on the 10th anniversary of the […]

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Massachusetts farmers serve up agriculture-aid bills with an oyster chaser at State House

Massachusetts farmers and fishermen put their skill at tending crops to work in the halls of the State House yesterday, where instead of planting fruits or vegetables, they looked to sow seeds of action. Lawmakers who attended Agriculture Day on Wednesday found choice cuts of legislation peppered in among the copious samples of local cheeses, vegetables, […]

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Massachusetts public housing will fall into ‘state of disrepair’ unless state pumps up funding, advocates warn

Lawmakers are making clear that tackling affordable housing will be front and center in the annual House budget — due out today. House budget writers have committed to the revival of a pandemic-era renter protection law that would bar landlords from evicting financially strapped tenants who have applied for rental assistance.  It expired last month and the eviction […]

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Massachusetts sports betting wagers could include Pro Minigolf, Jai Alai next

Keller at Large on MASSterList · Mass sports betting could include Pro Minigolf, Jai Alai and more… Here’s your Keller At Large Sportsbook “Empty Your Pockets Parlay” of new sporting events likely to be approved for wagering at a future Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) meeting: Ok, we made up those minigolf course descriptions. But every other ridiculous detail of […]

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Massachusetts voters favor moderate Gov. Maura Healey over more liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren, poll finds

When it comes to Massachusetts politics, there’s a “disconnect” between what one analyst calls the “loud Left” and its agenda, and what the electorate actually wants. For a state generally considered one of the most left-leaning in the nation, a recent poll from political advocacy firm Priorities for Progress suggests otherwise. “Voters in Massachusetts are far more moderate […]