Was it just one month ago that right-wing loon Elon Musk celebrated his takeover of Twitter with a tweet that showed him hauling a sink into the company’s San Francisco headquarters? (“Let that sink in!” he wrote – get it?)

It seems longer, given the cascade of stupid business decisions that have ensued. As Jonathan Wei, a Duke researcher who studied the connection, puts it: “There seems to be no relationship between intelligence and net worth.”

There surely isn’t one between intelligence and Twitter discourse. Just consider this representative sampling of Twitter comments we’ve received over the past month or so, along with our candid replies:

(In response to a WBZ-TV interview with UMass President Marty Meehan where he was asked how big a slice he hopes to get from the forthcoming “Millionaire’s Tax” pie of new revenues:)

“Doesn’t Meehan make a ton of money? Why should he talk about what HE wants?”

A: Yes, Meehan makes $582,077 a year. The question was about what he hopes the UMass system will receive from the new funding windfall, not himself. Does this really need explanation?

(Responding to a story about former President Trump running for re-election:)

“John [sic], you must be so happy. You can be a Trump Basher again. So much for unbiased journalism.”

A: This must be a reference to past criticism here of some of Trump’s policies. It had escaped us that this constitutes “bias” here in stupid-world, thanks for the reminder.

(Response to a WBZ-TV pre-election interview with GOP gubernatorial nominee Geoff Diehl🙂

“Gross! Diehl is a Trump-humping insurrectionist supporter. We don’t need that governing our state.”

A: There’s no evidence Diehl supported insurrection. Claiming otherwise without showing some is pretty “gross.”

(This comment came in reply to the previous one:)

“Yes we do [need a Trump-humper in charge]. Democrats hate too much.”

A: And you just hate that, right?

(Re: the debate over Question One:)

“If your home is well enough over one million in value to have the new tax bracket effect [sic] you that much, I really don’t think you should be calling yourself middle class.”

A: Ridiculous. According to 2020 Census data there are more than 95,000 homes in metro Boston valued at a million dollars or more. If you bought one in 1980 for the median home price, it cost you $47,200. That’s a middle class investment.

(And then there was this, replying to a tweet about former Gov. Bill Weld singing the praises of auditor candidate Anthony Amore to the tune of “That’s Amore”:)

“Democrats suck. Sorry they own you and sign your paycheck.”

A: Perhaps some Democrats do suck – it would help if you mustered all your intellectual energy to be more specific. But I’m guessing you come unarmed to a battle of wits.

It all goes to show that if Elon Musk wanted accurate symbolism on his Twitter takeover day, he’d have shown up carrying a toilet.

Jon Keller has been reporting and commenting on local politics since 1978. A graduate of Brandeis University, he worked in radio as a producer and talk-show host before moving into print journalism at The Tab newspapers and the Boston Phoenix. Freelance credits include the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Boston Magazine, the New Republic and the Washington Post. Since 1991 his "Keller At Large" commentaries and interviews have been a fixture on Boston TV, first on WLVI-TV and, since 2005, on WBZ-TV. He is a 12-time Emmy Award winner for political reporting and commentary. He began his Massterlist column in March 2020.