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Health care announcement, House session, Governor’s Council

— Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi announces a new western Massachusetts partnership to combat opioid addiction, with Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and Department of Corrections Commissioner Thomas Turco III attending, 155 Mill St., Springfield, 9:30 a.m.

— Several speakers from UMass Boston have signed up to participate in the public comment period of a meeting of the UMass Trustees’ Academic and Student Affairs Committee, UMass Club, One Beacon St., Boston, 10 a.m.

— The Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery holds a hearing on legislations that would establish a task force to investigate best practices for sober homes, Room B-1, 10 a.m. 

 — The Massachusetts Gaming Commission meets, 101 Federal St., 12th floor, Boston, 10 a.m.

— Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Public Health Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel attend a groundbreaking ceremony to launch the construction of a ‘Food Campus’ at Community Servings’ Jamaica Plain headquarters, Community Servings, 179 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, 10:30 a.m.

— Business and health care organization leaders hold a press conference to announce a ‘major initiative aimed at reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of health care in the commonwealth,’ according to Associated Industries of Massachusetts, AIM offices, One Beacon St., 16th floor, Boston, 11 a.m.

— Senate President Harriette Chandler and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito speak at a Missing Children’s Day event, Grand Staircase, 11 a.m.

— The Massachusetts House plans to meet in a formal session to consider a bill to promote civic engagement by incorporating civics education into public schooling, 11 a.m., with roll call votes expected to begin at 1 p.m.

— The Governor’s Council will interview Irene Bagdoian of Westborough, one of Gov. Charlie Baker’s nominees for the Housing Court, Governor’s Council Chambers, 11 a.m.

— The Governor’s Council meets and could vote on the nomination of Neil Sherring for a position on the Housing Court, Governor’s Council Chambers, 12 p.m.

— Former U.S. Sen. John Kerry joins Kennedy School professor and former White House science advisor John Holdren to help former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy launch a new center called C-Change, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Kresge Building, Sebastian’s Cafe, 677 Huntington Ave., Boston, 1 p.m.

— The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Board of Directors meets, 100 First Ave., 2nd Floor, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, 1 p.m.

Kerry Kennedy, president of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund, and LaDonna Harris, president of Americans for Indian Opportunity, will discuss Kennedy’s new book ‘Robert F. Kennedy: Ripples of Hope,’ John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston, 6 p.m.

Eric Holder, who was attorney general under President Barack Obama, will discuss gerrymandering, Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Columbia Point, Boston, 6:30 p.m.

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Today’s Stories

Study: A sea wall to protect Seaport is simply not worth it

From Greg Ryan at the BBJ: “A much-anticipated new report on how best to protect the Seaport District and other Boston neighborhoods from the effects of climate change finds that the cost to build a massive, multibillion-dollar wall in Boston Harbor is not worth the benefits. Instead, it finds that the city of Boston and other coastal cities and towns should focus on more localized projects to counteract the flooding and higher sea levels wrought by global warming.” Bruce Mohl at CommonWealth magazine has more on the UMass-Boston study.


Brookline school will no longer be named after former slave owner

The Edward Devotion School in Brookline will be getting a new name, after Brookline Town Meeting voters decided last night that they could no longer allow the school to be named after a former slave owner. Jenna Fisher at the Patch has the details.


You won’t have Lincoln Chafee to kick around anymore

Mumbling something about how Democrats don’t seem to appreciate the perils of Donald Trump’s election in 2016, former U.S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee announced yesterday he won’t be running for the same office he once held in Rhode Island, reports Brian Amaral at the Providence Journal. Dismal poll numbers also had something to do with his decision, Chafee acknowledges.

Providence Journal

Mitt Romney: Trump is no role model for my grandkids

Speaking of Donald Trump and the U.S. Senate, from the Washington Post: “Mitt Romney, who was a fierce critic of Donald Trump in 2016 but has adopted a more nuanced view as a Republican candidate for Senate in Utah, said Monday that he doesn’t see the president as a role model for his grandchildren. ‘I don’t think that I would point to the president as a role model for my grandkids on the basis of his personal style,’ Romney said in an interview with NBC News.”

Washington Post

Elizabeth Warren says she’s not ready to support impeachment of President Trump

Many progressives are pushing hard for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. But U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn’t among them, reports Shannon Young at MassLive. “I’m not there,” Warren said on the “The View” television show. “Where I am is, that we need this independent investigation without political interference.” She’s right, of course, politically and legally. Republicans are dying for Democrats to push impeachment, figuring it will only fire up their right-wing base.


Root-canal journalism in the U.S. Senate race

The Globe’s Scot Lehigh says his recent attempt to get straight answers from candidates on gun-safety questions was like pulling teeth. So he’s come up with nicknames for each of the four U.S. Senate candidates in Massachusetts, only one of whom didn’t hem and haw with answers to his questions: Old Fuss and Feathers, Old Duck and Dodge, Old Mealy Mouth and Old Battle Ready. You’ll have to read the column to see who’s who in terms of nicknames.

Boston Globe

Women’s PAC to candidates: Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?

Speaking of candidate questionnaires, from Stephanie Ebbert at the Globe: “Candidates who hope to win the endorsement of a leading Massachusetts women’s rights group this election cycle should be prepared to answer this question: ‘Have you ever been formally accused of sexual harassment? If so, please explain.’ The provocative query appears on a questionnaire circulating among state candidates that’s believed to be the first instance nationally in which an interest group is demanding such disclosures as a condition of its endorsement.”

Report: Admissions to UMass-Amherst easier for out-of-state students than local residents

The Pioneer Institute scored a direct hit on this one. From Michael Jonas at CommonWealth magazine: “The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been so aggressive in recruiting out-of-state students that it’s now easier for those students to gain admission than it is for in-state students, according to a report released on Tuesday. The analysis, conducted by Boston-based Pioneer Institute, says out-of-state students admitted to UMass Amherst have lower average high school GPAs and SAT scores than in-state students, a finding that calls into question whether the university is fulfilling its mission to Massachusetts residents.” Here’s the full study by the institute.


Meehan’s comparison of Mount Ida takeover to Louisiana Purchase draws some historical attention

Speaking of UMass, Ben Swasey at WBUR caught it. So did the Herald’s Howie Carr. I.e. University of Massachusetts president Marty Meehan’s recent comparison of UMass-Amherst’s takeover of Mount Idea College to the Louisiana Purchase. Howie: “If Mount Ida is the 21st century Louisiana Purchase, then Meehan must be the modern … Thomas Jefferson. Again, the similarities between the two statesmen are uncanny.”  

Lively threatens lawsuit against state GOP unless his demands are met

So a candidate running to represent a political party is threatening to sue a political party unless the political party makes concessions that would humiliate the party and make it easier for his political faction to take control of the political party. SHNS’s Michael Norton and Matt Murphy have more on Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively’s political extortion proposals. 

SHNS (pay wall — free trial subscription available)

Businesses agree to crack down on employees buying sex on company time

From Jordan Graham at the Herald: “Nearly two dozen companies, including some of the biggest employers in Massachusetts, have pledged to step up enforcement and monitoring of their employees buying sex on company time. ‘Sex buyers often look to buy during business hours, using company equipment and computers,’ said Attorney General Maura Healey, speaking at a press conference yesterday.” The BBJ’s Doug Banks has more.

Boston Herald

State Rep. Velis called up for service in Afghanistan

Rep. John Velis, a Westfield Democrat and captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, will miss the last weeks of the legislative session after he was served notice that he will be deployed to Afghanistan for six to seven months, reports Shira Schoenberg at MassLive. Velis, who faces no opposition in his re-election bid this fall, says his staff and other area lawmakers will cover for him while he’s serving the nation.


Gonzalez: Baker adviser’s clean-energy deal a ‘clear conflict of interest’

From the Globe’s Joshua Miller and Jon Chesto: “A Democrat challenging Governor Charlie Baker is decrying ‘a clear conflict of interest” after the Globe reported Baker’s top political adviser also worked as a paid consultant for two companies that recently landed massive clean energy contracts in Massachusetts. Democrat Jay Gonzalez said Tuesday that “because of this apparent conflict, the governor should release all public records related to this procurement.”

Hey, Ben: Do a little more research before launching a TV series on Boston

The Bay State’s very own Ben Affleck is launching a new Showtime series called ‘City on a Hill,’ and, yes, it’s another gritty-gangster portrayal of Boston, apparently. But Gintautas Dumcius at MassLIve calls out Affleck et gang for weaving into the series a “fictional account of what was called the ‘Boston Miracle’” – which, as Dumcius notes, had nothing to do with Charlestown bank robbers and everything to do with street-gang warfare in the predominantly black neighborhoods of Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester. They’re going at it over at Universal Hub.


Local recycling problem is actually a nationwide problem

Many local recycling programs in Massachusetts are hurting due to recent policy changes in China, where all sorts of recycled materials used to be regularly shipped, as WGBH’s Stephanie Leydon reported earlier this week. But the New York Times reports the problem is hitting communities across the country, especially those on the west coast. The Times piece does note one Westborough company that’s now stuck with 6,000 tons of paper and cardboard at its facility.


Charlton may reconsider approval of giant pot-growing facility

Facing an angry crowd at a community meeting, Charlton officials said they may reconsider their initial approval of a agreement with a company that plans to build a $100 million marijuana greenhouse on a former apple orchard, reports MassLive. At least one selectman says his board erred by not being more transparent during the process that led to approval of agreement, which could bring $2 million or more annually to the town’s coffers.  

Dear Joe: If you ever run for president, look to your grandpa’s strategy for guidance

We’re pretty sure U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III doesn’t need the advice, but Larry Tye, a former Globe reporter and author of “Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon,’ is giving it anyway.

Boston Globe

College association leader: To prevent next Mount Ida, it’s important not to overregulate

Richard Doherty, president of the Association for Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts, says policymakers should indeed look at ways to avoid a repeat of the “disappointing and disruptive” way Mount Ida College recently closed its doors. But he writes at the BBJ that it’s important not to commit regulatory “overreach” that “could inadvertently be tipping some schools into an even more precarious situation.” He explains.


Capuano vs Pressley: How much should race, gender and age matter?

The Globe’s Michael Levenson takes a look at the Democratic primary race between U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano and his challenger, City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, and the how the matchup has “ignited an intense debate about how much a candidate’s race, gender, and age should matter.” Unfortunately, they do matter, no matter what people may say on any given day, depending on who endorses whom. Fyi: WGBH’s David Bernstein polled 50 political insiders and reports most of them think Capuano will survive Pressley’s challenge. They also think Greg Henning will most likely prevail in a five-way race for the open Suffolk County DA seat.

In Clarksburg, open selectman’s seat draws no takers

No takers. None. Even though it’s been known since last year that a seat would be open on the Clarksburg Select Board for Tuesday’s election, no one has stepped forward to run, Adam Shanks reports in the Berkshire Eagle. Looks like whoever gets the most write-in votes will be offered the seat. If there are any write-in candidates.

Berkshire Eagle

Massie admits he was barred from his house in the midst of divorce

We’re a newsletter of record, and so we merely, if reluctantly, pass this along from Frank Phillips at the Globe: “The wife of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert K. Massie obtained a court order that forced him to leave their Somerville home in 1995 while they were in the midst of a divorce, Massie confirmed Tuesday.” Unless new information comes out, this is a non-issue moving forward, as others who have gone through a divorce and child-custody battle painfully know.

Local Teamsters boss challenges national Teamsters boss

From Brian Dowling at the Herald: “Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O’Brien is joining an insurgent Kentucky union leader in a bid to unseat the International’s head, James P. Hoffa, pledging a fight to return the union’s power to its 1.4 million workers.”

Boston Herald

Nearly 400 cockfighting roosters seized in Northampton

From Haley Glatter at Boston Magazine: “Authorities rescued nearly 400 roosters from a Northampton property late last week in the largest cockfighting bust in the history of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The vast majority of the ‘extremely aggressive’ birds cannot be re-trained and will need to be euthanized, according to an MSPCA press release.”

Boston Magazine

Meanwhile, goat head found on woman’s car hood in Hyde Park

From cockfighting roosters to goat heads, it was a weird news day yesterday. From CBS Boston’s Christina Hager: “A woman found a grisly sight on her car in Hyde Park Tuesday morning. She told police she was walking her dog on Garfield Avenue when she saw a severed goat head on the hood and a photo of herself under a windshield wiper.”

CBS Boston

Getting to the Point with Eric H. Holder Jr., 82nd Attorney General of the United States

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

The Future of Public Service: Partnership Governance

Suffolk University Institute for Public Service

Apollo Club of Boston in Concert

Friends of Nahant Public Library

Boston Wear Orange Party at Lena Park Community Development Center

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Today’s Headlines


UMass study warns Boston Harbor barrier not worth cost or effort – Boston Globe

‘It puts another mark on us’ — Brockton killing leaves people disgusted – Brockton Enterprise


Rockland town administrator placed on leave pending harassment investigation – Patriot Ledger

Cape Democratic legislators back Jay Gonzalez – Cape Cod Times

23-year-old wants to bring new blood to Attleboro City Council – Sun Chronicle

Lowell council adopts fines for pot smoking in public places – Lowell Sun


White House silence on Melania stokes conspiracy theories – Politico

Trump asked Session to retain control of Russian inquiry after his recusal – New York Times

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