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Healey, Polito at campus safety conference

Attorney General Maura Healey, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, Education Secretary James Peyser, Higher Education Commissioner Carlos Santiago and UMass President Martin Meehan are scheduled to attend a campus safety and violence prevention conference sponsored by the state Department of Higher Education in partnership with the AG’s office and the Office of Public Safety, DCU Center – Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor, 50 Foster Street, Worcester, 8:30 a.m.

Rosenberg at mayors meeting

Senate President Stanley Rosenberg is expected to attend the monthly meeting of the Massachusetts Mayors Association, a part of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Union Station Restaurant, 124A Pleasant St., Northampton, 9 a.m.

ABI-LAB opening

Sen. Richard Ross, Rep. David Linsky, Angus McQuilken of the Massachusetts Life Science Center and others will attend the grand opening of ABI-LAB, an accelerator and bio-incubator shared laboratory facility, ABI-LAB, 27 Strathmore Rd., Natick, 9 a.m.

Metro North retail opportunities

Ronald Walker, secretary of labor and workforce development, Jon Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, and others will attend a press event to launch a Metro North retail-focused workforce program made possible by a $400,000 grant, CambridgeSide Galleria, first floor, Cambridge, 10 a.m.

Keating on the air

U.S. Rep. William Keating is a scheduled guest on Boston Public Radio, WGBH-FM 89.7, 12:30 p.m.

Revere’s opposition to Question 1

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo, Rep. Rose Lee Vincent and Sen. Joseph Boncore are scheduled to hold a press conference about their opposition to the Question 1 initiative that would add another slots parlor in Massachusetts, Revere City Hall steps, 1 p.m.

Baker at Mass GOP chair reception

Gov. Charlie Baker is the featured guest at a Quincy reception with state Republican party chairman Kirsten Hughes, Quincy (address not provided), 5:30 p.m.

Baker for Sheriff McDonald

Gov. Baker is advertised as a guest at a state Republican Party rally for Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald, Whitman VFW Hall, 95 Essex St., Whitman, 6:30 p.m.

Today’s Stories

Trump’s tantrum says it all: He lost the debate

No need for post-debate polls and pundit analysis. Donald Trump threw a day-long tantrum yesterday, probably fueled by his campaign’s own internal polling and feedback from party backers that he lost Monday’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton, big time. Check out the NYT’s brutal lead on its main campaign story this morning: “Donald J. Trump lashed out on Tuesday in the aftermath of a disappointing first debate with Hillary Clinton, scolding the moderator, criticizing a beauty pageant winner for her physique and raising the prospect of an all-out attack on Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities in the final stretch of the campaign.”


Weight, weight, don’t tell me

When Herald columnist and Trump backer Adriana Cohen bemoans Donald’s focus on women’s weight and looks, you know he’s in trouble: “The last thing Trump should be discussing is the ballooning weight of a former Miss Universe he reportedly called ‘Miss Piggy” and ‘Miss Housekeeping’ in 1996. It’s irrelevant. Commenting on a woman’s weight or looks makes him appear shallow, even if he made the comment 20 years ago.” 

Who would have thought the election might hinge on Nantucket Diet-related issues?

Boston Herald

Post-debate local reacts, Day II

From Gov. Baker to media critic Dan Kennedy to a MASSter List reader, here are some more local reacts to Monday’s presidential debate, not that they really matter at this point, considering Trump has provided his own assessment on how the debate went:

— Gov. Baker, a Republican who’s refused to back Trump or Clinton, watched the debate and didn’t see either candidate scoring a victory, reports Melissa Hanson at MassLive. “I don’t think either candidate said anything that would have moved anybody who wasn’t already with them from one column to the other,” Baker said yesterday.

— Kennedy, writing at WGBH, dared to visit conservative web site Breitbart, the old stomping ground of current Trump campaign honcho Steve Bannon, and finds it is existing in a complete alt-reality. National Review, the Wall Street Journal and other right-wing publications say the debate was a terrible night for Trump, but not Breitbart, Kennedy writes. One of Briebart’s headlines late yesterday (after you clicked through a huge pro-Trump ad): “Nuclear option: Trump was very good – and will get even better.” As for Dan’s own views on the debate: “I thought Trump’s bullying, interrupting, scowling, and lying added up to the worst presidential debate performance I’ve seen.”

— A MASSterList reader sent in an email with one of the funnier slugs/headlines of the day: ‘High School Blowhard vs High School Class President.’ The text started off with “Well, that was dreadful. There’s a reason that Ronald Reagan used to go into debate with a deck of index cards. A few facts from a few cards could have knocked the Secretary, but this was truly a fact-free debate.”

Trump on those sniffles: ‘No, no sniffles. .. No cold. Every once in a while, but no — no cold’

Donald Trump didn’t address Howard Dean’s tactless suggestion that Trump’s sniffles during Monday night’s presidential debate was caused by snorting a little too much blow. But Trump did address the sniffles issue – and he denied he was sniffling. He blamed the microphone, reports Shannon Young at MassLive. “No, no sniffles. No. You know, the mic was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing, but there was no sniffles. … I don’t have — I have no allergy…No cold. Every once in a while, but no — no cold.”


Jeb Bush didn’t get to the White House, but he did get into Harvard

He may have lost to Donald Trump in his quest to win the GOP presidential nomination, but former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush did get a consolation prize yesterday: Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government announced that Bush will be a visiting fellow in the Program on Education Policy and Governance, reports WCVB. Bush will be a guest instructor and presenter on education issues during several visits to the university during the fall term.


Polls are all over the map on charter school ballot question

A new UMass Amherst/WBZ poll shows that Question 2, which would lift the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts, is favored by 49 percent of likely voters and opposed by 39 percent. But hold on. A recent MassINC/WBUR poll showed the charter question failing 41 to 48 percent. State House New Service’s Andy Metzger, in a story running in the Telegram, has an excellent overview and update of the all-out political battle over Question 2.


Health Policy Commission, Children’s Hospital blast away at each other over expansion plan

The state’s Health Policy Commission may not be able to block the $1 billion expansion of Boston Children’s Hospital. But the commission is warning that the expansion could lead to higher health-care prices and the closure of smaller competing pediatric hospitals. In a counter blast, Children’s Hospital is disputing the commission’s critical analysis, reports Priyanka Dayal McCluskey at the Globe. A spokesman for the hospital said the commission used data that is “flawed, misleading, and speculative” and said any increases in costs would be marginal. The state’s Department of Public Health will have final say over the matter, which will come down to this: Is the state needlessly interfering with a private market decision or is the Children’s Hospital  expansion a monopolistic act?

Boston Globe

And introducing … the Boston Planning and Developing Agency

It’s a boring name: The Boston Planning and Developing Agency. But the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s new name and mission, as outlined yesterday by city officials, better reflects the agency’s true purpose moving forward. This is no longer the 1950s and 1960s, when government talked big about “redevelopment” and “urban renewal.” Boston has already been redeveloped and renewed. What’s needed is more thoughtful planning and development. The BBJ’s Catherine Carlock has more on the BRA rebranding. FYI: The Herald’s Howie Carr says the rebranding is just a bunch of baloney. Protesters who crashed the BRA event yesterday also think the rebranding is baloney, as the Herald also reports.


Baker high on manufacturing in Massachusetts – and he should be

At the state’s third Manufacturing Summit at the DCU Center in Worcester, Gov. Baker sounded optimistic yesterday about the future of manufacturing in Massachusetts, as companies here increasingly switch to more technologically advanced forms of production, reports Melissa Hanson at MassLive. “We not only think Massachusetts has a strong future in manufacturing, we believe Massachusetts has a bright future in manufacturing,” the governor said. You know what? He’s largely right. The overall number of manufacturing jobs will probably continue to decline, but the jobs that remain will tend to be higher-skilled, higher-paying positions. The only hitch: The sector desperately needs trained workers who can run sophisticated robotics and computerized machinery. So the future is potentially bright, but not guaranteed.


Retailers launch ominous ‘DarkStoreFrontsMA.com’

Saying lawmakers aren’t doing enough to help small shop owners, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts has launched a new web site – ominously called DarkStoreFrontsMA.com – to “highlight what is happening across the Commonwealth on the Main Streets,” the business group has announced. “It is time to put a spotlight on store closures, job losses, and bad public policy decisions.” Check out the web site. It looks so gray and gloomy, as intended, something designed by Darth Vader himself.

Retailers Association

Speaker: Fresolo ethics report rightly off-limits

House Speaker Robert DeLeo says that chamber rules prohibit him from releasing the results of a 2013 ethics probe into former Worcester Rep. John Fresolo, who will appear on the November ballot as a United Independent Party candidate in a bid to win back his seat, Brad Petrishen of the Telegram reports. DeLeo, who visited Worcester to support the Democrat in the race, Rep. Daniel Donahue, also said he’s not in favor of changing the rules to allow greater transparency of ethics probes, citing concerns that ethics investigations would become political weapons. 

FYI: MassLive has reported in the past that Fresolo was ousted as state rep in 2013 after the ethics committee “launched an investigation into his travel per diems and an allegations of an inappropriate photograph found on his email.”


Grand Prix lawsuit could be a huge Walsh headache

A lawsuit in Indiana against the man who led the effort to bring a Grand Prix race to Boston could become a major headache for Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who finds himself and top aides on the witness list, Herald columnist Joe Battenfeld writes. IndyCar is suing John Casey for his role in the costly crash of the would-be Southie road race and the witness lists presented to court include several Walsh aides and advisors, as well as members of Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration.

Boston Herald

How to steal $500K in tax payments

Responding to a freedom of information act request from the Gardner News, the town of Hubbardston released a report detailing how a former tax collector allegedly pocketed $540,000 worth of cash in just two years, Paula Owen of the Telegram reports. According to the forensic accountant’s report, Cynthia Washburn-Doane would take the cash payments but not credit them to the accounts they were intended for, then later fudge tax bills to hide the subterfuge.

The Telegram

Score one for Warren: Stumpf gets clawed back

John Stumpf, the Wells Fargo CEO who was blasted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren last week at a Senate hearing, will forgo at least $41 million worth of compensation from the company and work for free while the bank conducts an internal probe, Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times reports. Warren called on Stumpf, who will appear before another congressional committee this week, to return his bonuses and resign after a company-wide scheme to boost revenue figures with fake bank accounts was revealed.


Brockton seeks to stamp out teen smoking

Strict new rules aimed at reducing youth tobacco use will take effect Friday in Brockton, with the city raising the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21 and restricting which stores can sell flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes, Marc Larocque of the Enterprise reports. The city also put a cap on the number of stores it will permit to sell tobacco at the current number of 152.


Today’s Headlines


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Vulgar and rude? Yes. Criminal harassment? No, SJC says – Boston Globe

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Children’s dismisses state concerns over costs – Boston Globe

New website to highlight Main St. vacancies – Boston Herald

Lowell council OKs raises for itself, school board – Lowell Sun

Preserving a legacy: Lawmakers call for Brockton library to be named after Kennedy – Brockton Enterprise

Total change being implemented for tobacco sales in Brockton – Brockton Enterprise

Want to land a job at the MGM Springfield casino? Here is your chance – MassLive

Report details how Hubbardston tax collector allegedly stole $500K – Telegram & Gazette

Hudson board issues temporary ban on food trucks – MetroWest Daily News

Sagging tax collections could prompt state cuts – Salem News

Mayor places Braintree police deputy on leave – Patriot Ledger

Mashpee tribe given voice in land trust suit – Cape Cod Times


Trump complains debate was unfair as Clinton builds on momentum – Washington Post

Maine’s governor is completely unhinged – Washington Post

Howard Dean stands behind ‘coke user’ tweet – Politico

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