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MASSterList is an ensemble of news and commentary about the Legislature, Politics, Media, and Judiciary of Massachusetts from major news organizations as well as specialized publications selected by highly experienced business news editor Jay Fitzgerald.

Take people to an action page, invite them to your Lobby Days or Legislative briefings, and provide an RSVP form. Promote your research, publications, events and YouTube videos.

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MASSterList Advertising Terms and Conditions

Subject line sponsorship limited to the name of organization. Banner Ads should be sent in .JPG or .PNG format, and measure 400 px wide x 200 px high. State House News Service’s Weekly Roundup ads measure 564 px wide x 90 px high. Banner ads may include a URL. Text advertisements up to 50 words may include bold, italics, and hyperlinks. MASSterList limits text ads to three daily. Payments must be submitted before start of advertising. Advertiser will be responsible for production of text and image art unless otherwise requested. Design services available for a fee. Sponsorship packages available on first-come, first-served basis. Advertising may not include profane, offensive, or questionable content. MASSterList reserves the right to decline any advertising copy or sponsored stories for any reason without penalty or liability to either party. Ads for political campaigns are prohibited from either directly or indirectly soliciting funds through MASSterList email.

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Sign up to get a free copy of MASSterlist delivered to your inbox every weekday morning.